Robinson High School Improves with Sporturf™

Joe T. Robinson High School in Little Rock, AR hired Sporturf™ dealer Craig Shonk of Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC to construct their new football and baseball fields. You might remember we featured their football install a while back. Now it is time to show you baseball.

When it comes to baseball, Sporturf™ understands the demands athletes, owners and fans. Our sports fields provide a consistent surface that you can count on to deliver the best experience available. We have an offering that spans all levels of play from the big leagues to the local little league. The quality turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology. Features like ball bounce, speed of the ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.


Fielder’s Choice is a product designed with the game of baseball in mind. This product should be installed outdoors on a compacted aggregate base. Since it is custom designed for baseball, Fielder’s Choice has the added durability designed to reduce infill splash and migration which is extremely important in gameplay.

Craig Shonk started Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC as a way to pair together ISO 9001 synthetic turf manufacturing with an ASBA Certified Field Builder for synthetic turf fields to better serve clients throughout the Midwest.