February 2020 - SporTurf

February 2020

Sporturf Tech Tip #2 Dealing With Static Electricity on Your Turf

Please continue reading below to learn about static electricity in your synthetic turf If you live in an area with low-humidity you may experience static electricity in your synthetic turf. To reduce static electricity buildup in your you will need to mix 3 tbsp. liquid fabric softener  to 32 oz. water (1 quart) in a spray bottle. Set the spray bottle nozzle to mist and simply walk over the synthetic turf while spraying the solution. There is no need to saturate the...
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Check out the Facility Designer on the Sporturf Website

  The Sporturf Facility Designer can be used to design a customized training area for your facility. First set the turf color and outer dimensions, then add hash lines, ladders, and agility dots. Upload your logo (a PNG file with transparent background works best) and drag-and-drop it into place. Your logo can be rotated and scaled to the desired size. Finally, fill out the Contact Information section and submit the design. An email with a link to the design PDF...
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Upgrade Your Training With Sporturf and Combat Turf

Combat Turf: The perfect surface for speed and agility training. Sporturf™ has turf for more than just fields. If you have athletes then you are hyper aware of the need for a designated speed and agility training space. Combat Turf™ is the solution for any speed and agility training area. Sporturf™ worked closely with Scott Panchik to provide the best turf solution to fit the specific needs of his high intensity training due to their unique facility and training requirements....
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