August 2018 - Sporturf

August 2018

Sporturf™ Dealer WorldWide Turf Canada Maple Ridge Installs

Sporturf™ dealer Steve Halbert of WorldWide Turf Canada is currently working on installing two multi-purpose fields in the city of Maple Ridge, BC. The city of Maple Ridge was diligent in making sure that their choice for surface and installer for the fields was correct and going to work for them in the end. Halbert’s company was established with complete end-to-end service in mind. They believe that the framework for success and excellence include the trifecta of quality, service and...
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Turf and the Different Types of Infill

Since turf was first invented, we have needed suitable infills for installs where the turf needs to stand up. There are different types of turf for every application and it only makes sense that there are multiple types of infill. The following infills are recommended by the Synthetic Turf Council: Crumb Rubber: Crumb Rubber is derived from scrap vehicle tires that are ground up and recycled. Two types of crumb rubber infill exist: Ambient and Cryogenic. Together these make up...
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