Silverback™ Pure Strength For Athletes

Silverback™ is our unique recipe for our specialty Polyurethane backing system.

Silverback™ saturates the primary backing of the synthetic turf and effectively locks the grass blades in place. While most polyurethane backings are a simple coating over the primary backing, Silverback™ actually penetrates into the stitch, surrounding every tuft and interlocking the grass blades into the primary backing. This process leaves you with a superior tuft lock well above the industry standard and ideal for any sports application.

Lassiter High School Football and Lutzie 43

A week ago today Lassiter High School dedicated their brand new Sporturf™ field to the memory of Philip Lutzenkirchen. Philip tragically passed away at only 23 years old exactly 1 year to the day from when the project began.

The Lutzie 43 Foundation was established in loving memory of Philip Lutzenkirchen, shortly after his death in 2014.

The objective of the Foundation is to pass on Philip’s many remarkable characteristics in terms of community service, leadership and service to others. The Foundation’s motto is to “Live like Lutz, Love like Lutz, and Learn from Lutz,” reflecting the desire to help others live out the many positive character attributes that Philip displayed, while learning from the circumstances that led to his death.

Tonight the Trojan’s begin their regular season holding strong to the memory of Philip in the hopes that they will continue to remember and honor his values on and off of the field.

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Sporturf™ completes Lassiter High School Artificial Turf Field with Lutzie 43


Dalton, GA August 14th – Controlled Products Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Barker, announced that Sporturf™ has just completed the new Lassiter High School Football Field installation.  “I am pleased to announce that Sporturf just completed the replacement of the Lassiter High field in Marietta, Georgia. The new Lutzie 43 Field is a symbol of excellence and dedication to which Lassiter and its athletes are committed. The school and Lutzie Foundation were able to partner together to fund the project and deliver a new state of the art Sporturf Powerhouse field”.

Download the full press release here (PDF)

Worldwide Turf Canada: Lewis-McChord Air Force Base

If you have been monitoring our posts you’ve seen updates on the Worldwide Turf Canada project at Lewis-McChord Air Force Base.

We have documented this project from the first truck load of stone to the manufacturing of the turf through the rolling and seaming of the carpet. The project is now complete and the turf has been in use for a few weeks now. The difference from start to finish is striking and Sporturf™ was thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful project that will benefit the men and women of our armed forces and their families.




worldwide overhead finish


Sporturf™ worked closely with Worldwide and Lewis-McChord in order to custom design high performance turf systems that surpassed the requirements for the multipurpose, baseball and softball fields.  For the multipurpose fields, a monofilament system was created to provide long term ball roll control and natural aesthetics and a high durability slit film was chosen for the baseball and softball fields.

When it comes to sports fields, Sporturf™ understands the demands and specific needs of athletes, owners and fans alike. Our fields provide a consistent surface that you can count on to deliver the best experience available on the market today. The turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology and is made of the highest quality products obtainable. Features like heat reduction, ball bounce, ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.

Our main goal at Sporturf™ is making sure your selection process is made easy. Sporturf™ offers consultation at our factory to help you determine what surface makes the most sense for you and your team. We are continuously improving on technologies and take the process of education very serious. Let us be part of your process today.

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