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Artificial Turf Football Fields on the Rise in New York

20 years ago, none of New York’s Section II high school football teams played on artificial turf. Fast forward to 2024 and more than 50% of New York’s Section II high schools have installed artificial turf football fields. While the adoption of artificial turf by high schools varies by region, climate, and budget consideration, turf offers several benefits unique to the Northeast region of the US. Weather Resilience The Northeast experiences a range of weather conditions, including cold winters and...
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Waynesville Gets a New Football Field

Waynesville High School in Waynesville, Missouri recently had their football field updated. One of our Sporturf account mangers is an alumnus of Waynesville High School. The school reached out to him and Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals about doing the update. This is because of the reputation of Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals and that they were also a local business. Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals installed 105,825 sq. ft. of PowerHouse for their field with a custom logo and design. PowerHouse is...
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Rival Schools Get Their Own Fields!

Sporturf Dealer Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals installed a football field at Raytown South High School. The installed around 98,000 sq. ft. of PowerHouse with a custom end zone and mascot on the 50-yard line. They also installed a field for their rivals Raytown High. Their fields are used for both practice and games! Both of these schools have an interesting history with their fields and getting these was a game changer for them! Rivals on the Same Turf Since the...
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What is Under Your Football Turf?

When a school decides to have a football field installed most of the time, they do not wonder what is going under the turf. Have you ever wondered what is underneath your school’s synthetic turf field? Is it just dirt? Or did they possible just lay it over the grass that was already there? Well, we are here to tell you today that it is probably not what you think. Prepping the ground for synthetic turf to be laid is...
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Why You Should Choose Synthetic Turf for Your Football Field

Editor's Note:  This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, in the United States alone, there are over 5,500 synthetic turf fields in current use. Millions of students across the country have the opportunity to practice and play on a sports field that is functional rain or shine. Football turf is popping up all over the country.                  ...
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Football and Turf Go Hand in Hand

In the mid-1990s, a major revolution in artificial turf happened. That’s when companies began developing a new form of artificial turf that was partly made from polyethylene yarn fibers and included other significant changes to the composition and make-up of the material to make it safer to play on. With the new inventions in artificial turf fields, this type of artificial grass became more and more popular in both professional and collegiate stadiums around the country. Today, the popularity, flexibility...
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Jefferson County High School

Recently Jefferson County High School in Tennessee worked with Baseline Sports Construction, LLC and Sporturf to install a brand new PowerHouse synthetic turf field. The Patriots chose PowerHouse 46 and installed over 99,000 square feet including an AquaFab customized logo. Baseline Sports Construction, LLC began surfacing tennis courts in 1982 as Empire Recreational Surfaces, and grew into a full service recreational contracting company providing a wide-range of services such as tennis court construction, running track construction, indoor sports facility construction, and...
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SCG Fields Installs Multipurpose Soccer and Football Field in North Miami

Recently SCG Fields, LLC worked with North Miami Athletics to install a Sporturf™ multipurpose soccer and football field in Miami, Florida.  Officials from North Miami Athletics worked the SCG and Sporturf team to choose a color for the coaches’ boxes that would very closely match the newly resurfaced track. The turf system that was selected consisted of Sporturf™ GameChanger paired with an alternative infill called Envirofill from US Greentech and a ProPlay shock pad from Schmitz Foam Products.  The entire...
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Start Prepping for Next Football Season Now!

Sporturf ™ has turf for many applications but one that stands out most is our football turf. Our football applications are second to none. We stand committed to continuous improvement. We don’t just offer the highest-quality synthetic turf available, we blend it with the expertise of over 25 years of experience and research in what we believe is the best in athletic field construction. The benefits you can expect from Sporturf artificial turf fields: An enhanced game surface Excellent quality...
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West Plains High School Heals with Sporturf

On April 26 West Plains High School received severe hail damage.  On April 29 they experienced the worst flood for this area in past 500 years. According to Greg Simpkins, Athletic Director for West Plains High School, “All of our athletic fields were flood damaged.  We had to cancel all of our home games for the remainder of the spring 2017 spring sports season.” West Plains High School, home of the Zizzers, contracted with Craig Shonk of Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals...
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