Football and Turf Go Hand in Hand

In the mid-1990s, a major revolution in artificial turf happened. That’s when companies began developing a new form of artificial turf that was partly made from polyethylene yarn fibers and included other significant changes to the composition and make-up of the material to make it safer to play on.

With the new inventions in artificial turf fields, this type of artificial grass became more and more popular in both professional and collegiate stadiums around the country. Today, the popularity, flexibility and even health benefits of the latest artificial turf fields has even made its way down to the high school level.

As the beginning of another new school year approaches, football season is also right around the corner. As they start prepping up for the new year, it is important for schools to provide with the best quality football field for their players. And what better way to kick start a new season than with a high-quality synthetic turf football field from Sporturf. We blend in with the expertise of over 25 years of experience and research in what we believe is the best in athletic field construction, providing players with the best field turf to play on those Friday football nights.

Advantages of synthetic turf fields over natural grass:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Saves water and is free of pesticides
  • Allows for more playability
  • Helps prevent injuries

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