Check Out Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School’s New Sporturf Field!

In 2016, the Pulaski County Special Schools District hired the team of Byrne and Jones Construction and Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals via a purchasing co-op program to construct multiple synthetic turf fields for the district.  One of these fields was for Wilbur D. Mills University High School, which was a natural grass to synthetic turf conversion using PowerHouse 46 as well as a brand new synthetic running track.

Craig Shonk started Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC as a way to pair together ISO 9001 synthetic turf manufacturing with an ASBA Certified Field Builder for synthetic turf fields to better serve clients throughout the Midwest.

PowerHouse is one of our most advanced system designs that provides high resilience and increased comfort and safety. The series is made up of some of the most proven and durable fibers in the world. PowerHouse truly is a workhorse and will withstand the rigors of wear and tear for many years.

In 2017, the construction team of Byrne and Jones and MWSTP will construct a baseball field for the school.

Esther Shiner gets a FIFA Certifiable Field by Worldwide Turf Canada

Sporturf™ Business Director, Matt Riggs, is pleased to announce another installation of a FIFA certifiable field installed by a Sporturf™ dealer. Esther Shiner and the City of Ontario hired Steve Halbert and his company, Worldwide Turf Canada, to complete the high profile project. Halbert worked with the city starting in May and completed the installation in August of 2016.

Esther Shiner Stadium is a multi-purpose outdoor sports facility located in TorontoOntario, Canada. The North York facility has a capacity of 3,000  and is currently the home of the North York Astros of the Canadian Soccer League, and the Sanjaxx Lions of League1 Ontario.

City officials chose to install Duration 60 at the high profile stadium. The job was to remove, recycle and install the new field and track surface. The installation required significant coordination with city officials as other projects were being installed at the same time by the Worldwide team.

The Duration Series is constructed with technological advanced Monofilament fiber. This performance-based system delivers the best to both the athlete and owner. Engineered to meet all the testing requirements of FIFA. These FIFA requirements allow athletes and owners to be confident that performance is always there for them.

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