Trimming Selvedge from Foam Backed Product

When trimming the selvedge on a foam backed product you will need some tools to help you complete this.  You will need a:

  • carpet knife or slide knife.
  • replaceable blades.
  • T-shaped Hex key (3/32” or 6 mm)

Unroll the foam backed synthetic turf face up.  Starting at the edge of the roll at the selvedge you will find the stitch rows.  From the selvedge, count in 2 stitch rows.  Starting at the edge of the roll, take your T-shaped hex key and place it between the second and the third stitch row.  Start pushing the hex key through the length of the stitch roll so that it separates the fibers of the second and third tuft row.  You may need to do this several times before you get a good separation of the tuft rows.

After the tuft rows have been separated you will see a definitive line. Take your carpet knife with a new blade and start cutting between the 2nd and 3rd tufted rows.  It is important that you try and maintain a straight cut along these separated tuft rows.  Keep your replaceable blades handy and keep a sharp one in your knife. This will help you maintain a straight cut. Remember to always dispose of used blades in an appropriate container.

Need AIA Credits? Remember Sporturf!

We introduced our newest AIA course last year and thought we would bring it up again incase any of our fellow architects hadn’t had time to check it out! We are continiuing to offer this course for AIA credits. Please reach out to our corporate office or your local Regional Account Manager to set up a presentation.

AIA CES Course: Synthetic Turf Then & Now

Course Number-ST2019.

This is a 200-level course that allows Sporturf to offer highly requested Learning Units (LU) and requires an in-person presentation by our sales team.

With our new level to course you earn 1 LU.

We look forward to meeting you and educating your team on the history, technological advances and varying applications of synthetic turf.

Please contact your respective Regional Account Manager to set up your in-person presentation today.

Dustin Loggins

Midwest Regional Account Manager
(706) 508-2526

Hunter Pratt

Gulf Coast Regional Account Manager
(706) 980-8915

Demond Moore

Southeast Regional Account Manager

Mac Clark

Northwest Regional Account Manager

Greg Holloway

Southwestern Regional Account Manager

Happy New Year from Sporturf!

This past year was definitely been one for the books! Coming off a completely unprecedented record year we look forward to the challenge of exceeding all expectations once again in 2020.

We’re excited to head into the new year with a renewed mindset and with several resolutions to accomplish.  January is a time for new beginnings, with several resolutions centering on self-improvement. And that includes improving and streamlining processes and procedures to make working with Sporturf and even better experience than ever before!

Here at Sporturf we pride ourselves on what we have to offer. Our synthetic turf fields and athletic surfaces are top of the market and we are constantly looking at new technology and what is “next.” It is our constant goal to be on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in synthetic turf technology so we can provide you with the absolute best products.

So, consider Sporturf next time for any of your athletic surface needs. This New Year is the year to make those ideas come to life.

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