Turf Systems

Field Hockey
Field Hockey
Sporturf™ has developed a world class Field Hockey surface utilizing the latest technology. Your players will excel on Sporturf’s Field hockey system. Our durability comes from the technologically advanced Silverback™ coating along with the highest performance yarn available in the market place.
A tradition like no other, Football pulses with the beating heart of those who came before and those who are about to come into the sport. The strength, speed and agility required to play has few rivals from other sports. Sporturf artificial turf surfaces are designed to withstand the rigors athletes, Mother Nature and owners throw at it.
In the world of indoor sports it is important to have a quality manufacturer that can deliver products that will perform in this unique environment.Sporturf’s indoor line up provides a high quality, high performance product, with a quick, mess-free installation for owners and athletes alike.
LaCrosse Turf
Our craftsmanship and cutting edge technology is a great pairing to the sport of Lacrosse. With a game that is fast paced and demands an environment that yields to sudden and quick movements to pass, shoot and score Sporturf’s products deliver.
Soccer Turf
Natural grass has been the product of choice for many years but with tight budgets, lacking maintenance dollars and concerns over consistent playability of the surface, artificial turf has earned its place in the highest levels of play. No longer will athletes have to play the surface, now they can focus on the opponent or work on that pass.
Turf Baseball Fields
Baseball Turf Systems
Sporturf™ has an offering that spans all levels of baseball from Pro to the local little league field. The quality turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology. Features like heat reduction, ball bounce, speed of the ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.
Mulit-Purpose Products
Multi-Purpose synthetic grass made by Sporturf™ delivers attractive low maintenance, all-weather outdoor areas for activities such as tennis, field hockey, football, baseball, golf and track. We also install these multi-purpose turf areas in residential landscape areas as well as all-weather surfaces for practicing sports at home.