September 2021 - Sporturf

September 2021

Rival Schools Get Their Own Fields!

Sporturf Dealer Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals installed a football field at Raytown South High School. The installed around 98,000 sq. ft. of PowerHouse with a custom end zone and mascot on the 50-yard line. They also installed a field for their rivals Raytown High. Their fields are used for both practice and games! Both of these schools have an interesting history with their fields and getting these was a game changer for them! Rivals on the Same Turf Since the...
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What is Under Your Football Turf?

When a school decides to have a football field installed most of the time, they do not wonder what is going under the turf. Have you ever wondered what is underneath your school’s synthetic turf field? Is it just dirt? Or did they possible just lay it over the grass that was already there? Well, we are here to tell you today that it is probably not what you think. Prepping the ground for synthetic turf to be laid is...
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