Rival Schools Get Their Own Fields!

Sporturf Dealer Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals installed a football field at Raytown South High School. The installed around 98,000 sq. ft. of PowerHouse with a custom end zone and mascot on the 50-yard line. They also installed a field for their rivals Raytown High. Their fields are used for both practice and games! Both of these schools have an interesting history with their fields and getting these was a game changer for them!

Rivals on the Same Turf

Since the schools were built in 1961, Raytown South and Raytown had to share a field. This means that for 50 years these schools have had to work around two schools with multiple sports using the field. So that being said they wanted each school to have a field of their own! After a lot of research and comparing the top turf companies, they decided to go with Sporturf. They determined that Sporturf was the best option when it came to what they were wanting for their fields.


Both Schools chose to use our product PowerHouse for their field. This is a great product for football fields. This is because the fiber is made to withstand rigorous wear and tear for many years. Since the field is being used for both practice and game play, it will help it to last longer. This is an infill product which will help give the fibers more volume, and it helps add a little more cushion. This product come in many color options. This means you can add your school colors to your field with this product!

Being able to have a field for your school is important. We were able to provide rival schools with their own place to practice and play. If you are looking to get an artificial turf field for your school, you can reach out to a member of our team today! We can answer any questions you may have and be able to help bring your ideas to life.

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