LA City Parks Get a New Field

Sporturf dealer AFE Sports was contacted by LA City Parks in Los Angeles, California. They wanted to have a soccer field that also had two smaller flag football fields inside of it. This field would be installed at the Westwood Recreational Center which is located by the Wilshire and Sepulveda intersection. This park Rec Center is one of the many that the LA City Parks offers to their community.

LA City Parks

The LA City Parks is a system of different parks and rec centers that total to 16,000 acres of land. These are located across the city of Los Angeles, and they have a location in nearly every neighborhood. On top of their parks and rec centers, they also own and operate several museums and beaches. These parks and areas were built with the entire population of LA in mind. They also wanted to appeal to children, teens, adults, and seniors. By doing this, they are able to keep the city active and social.

Specialized Product

The product that was used to complete the job is one that was designed to be the primary spec for LA City Parks. This product offers one of the longest lasting fibers available and is ideal for extreme use. This product is also versatile and can be used to create indoor or outdoor soccer fields, plus other applications too. Soccer applications are one that is always growing in popularity as the interest in the sport grows here in the US. But to be able to appeal to multiple crowds they also had two flag football field designs placed inside the soccer field.

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