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Why You Should Choose Synthetic Turf for Your Football Field

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, in the United States alone, there are over 5,500 synthetic turf fields in current use. Millions of students across the country have the opportunity to practice and play on a sports field that is functional rain or shine. Football turf is popping up all over the country.


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Synthetic Football Turf Pros

  • Lower maintenance costs. While we can’t say the initial cost will be cheaper, it will be in the hundreds of thousands, the upkeep is much less costly. Your typical natural turf sports field can use up to a million gallons water each year, with synthetic turf water is not needed. Add to it, that synthetic turf needs no mowing or trimming nor traditional grooming.
  • Chemical/pesticide-free. Dissimilar to natural grass, synthetic turf does not require pesticide treatment nor fertilizers.
  • Extended play. Synthetic turf fields are so much more durable than natural grass fields. Natural grass is more susceptible to weather, animals, wear and tear from players and a multitude of other components. With a synthetic field, you don’t have to worry about a flooding field or muddy play space.
  • ADA compliant. Many fields are required to be ADA compliant. With turf this is easier to accomplish that it could be with natural turf.
  • Logo Customization. Synthetic turf allows for logo customization that is durable and more vibrant than a painted field. The logos can’t be worn away.

Synthetic Football Turf Cons

  • It can and will be a costly investment and for some that may be a mitigating factor.
  • Temperature and heat. Synthetic turf can and will heat up in the sun but as technology continues improving the heat can be managed with infill and light water spray if needed.

As always if you have any questions or concerns before your next project please reach out to your regional account manager or give us a call and we can help you out!

Sporturf Tech Tip #8 Adhesive Uses and Guidance

Adhesive is an important part of the synthetic turf install process.

When using an adhesive to install synthetic turf, take a minute and read the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.  Doing this beforehand will help better prepare you for the upcoming installation.  Information such as:

  • any prep needed for the adhesive (if any).
  • Recommended tools (trowel size, rollers).
  • amount of coverage per container.
  • cure time.
  • Limitations due to temperature (hot or cold).
  • Limitations due to moisture/humidity.

Having and knowing this information before you get to the jobsite can prove invaluable and save you time, product and money.

This information would prove usefull for projects involving custom on deck circles , logos, halos, and home plate stance mats. Custom on deck circles allow you to show off your team colors or logo while reducing your field maintenance at the same time. With synthetic turf, your field will always look professional, and your hitters will consistently warm up in the right areas.

Stance mats have become one of the most widely used practice aids for baseball teams. They are perfect for outdoor batting practice and for use in batting cages.

One of the best ways to inspire your team, impress your supporters, and earn respect from your competition is to outfit your field with a custom halo from Sporturf.

Home plate stance mats have tufted in white lines and a home plate. They are available in 6’ X 12’ and come in green or clay.

Adhesive is important in any and all applications including but not limited to:

• Full Athletic Fields
• Sideline Turf
• Halos
• On Deck Circles
• Stance Mats
• Custom Logos
• Playgrounds
• Putting Greens
• Landscape

If you need additional help or have questions please reach out to one of our regional account managers and they can assist you. Let Sporturf helo you take your team, facility, or organization to the next level.

Official Sporturf Partner College Football Hall of Fame Reopens

The College Football Hall of Fame, an official partner of Sporturf, has reopened to the public with new changes to enhance the guest experience during this COVID era. The 95,000 square foot facility located in Atlanta, GA will be open Friday through Monday each week, with ample space for social distancing. On days the Hall is closed to the public, the building will be available to accommodate and serve private groups, teambuilding experiences, luncheons and more. In addition to these changes, the Hall will also develop new virtual content to reach audiences across the country.

College Football Hall of Fame Atl

The nonprofit features three new interactive experiences – the Air Force Air Raid QB Sim, Kia Performance Challenge and Goodyear Blimp Exhibit.  Guests can enjoy fan favorites like the ESPN GameDay Desk built by The Home Depot and Peach Bowl Field. In addition to the new experiences, the Hall of Fame also unveiled a curated exhibit featuring the stories of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Please be sure to visit our friends at the College Football Hall of Fame next time you’re in Atlanta!

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