November 2015 - Sporturf

November 2015

Sporturf and Field Hockey

Sporturf™ has developed a world class Field Hockey surface, called FIH71, utilizing the latest in yarn technology. When performance matters, Sporturf FIH71 excels because we want the athletes to concentrate on the game and not worry about a slow or bouncing ball. A predictable, fast surface is what FIH71 delivers no matter the weather conditions. Utilizing a skin friendly polyethylene grass blade, FIH71 is much less abrasive than competitive nylon field hockey products for those instances when athletes come in...
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Sporturf and Baseball

 At Sporturf™ we have turf to fit every need, including all levels of baseball from the pros to the local little league. Our products utilize the latest technology and are thoroughly tested to insure safety and durability. When it comes to baseball, Sporturf™ understands what athletes, owners and fans expect; a high performance surface that not only eliminates bad hops but rain-outs as well. Our turf products provide a consistent surface that you can count on to deliver the best...
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