Sporturf and Field Hockey

Sporturf™ has developed a world class Field Hockey surface, called FIH71, utilizing the latest in yarn technology. When performance matters, Sporturf FIH71 excels because we want the athletes to concentrate on the game and not worry about a slow or bouncing ball. A predictable, fast surface is what FIH71 delivers no matter the weather conditions.

Utilizing a skin friendly polyethylene grass blade, FIH71 is much less abrasive than competitive nylon field hockey products for those instances when athletes come in contact with the surface.    FIH71 is the ultimate Field Hockey surface!

Recently, Sporturf FIH71 was installed at Missouri State’s Betty and Bobby Allison North Stadium with rave reviews. The field even includes retractable water cannons that allow for better gameplay. You can find out more information about this project in our documentation section on our website or you can simply click the following link

If you want to know more about our products or possibly visit one of our installs please give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.