Trimming Selvedge from Foam Backed Product

When trimming the selvedge on a foam backed product you will need some tools to help you complete this.  You will need a:

  • carpet knife or slide knife.
  • replaceable blades.
  • T-shaped Hex key (3/32” or 6 mm)

Unroll the foam backed synthetic turf face up.  Starting at the edge of the roll at the selvedge you will find the stitch rows.  From the selvedge, count in 2 stitch rows.  Starting at the edge of the roll, take your T-shaped hex key and place it between the second and the third stitch row.  Start pushing the hex key through the length of the stitch roll so that it separates the fibers of the second and third tuft row.  You may need to do this several times before you get a good separation of the tuft rows.

After the tuft rows have been separated you will see a definitive line. Take your carpet knife with a new blade and start cutting between the 2nd and 3rd tufted rows.  It is important that you try and maintain a straight cut along these separated tuft rows.  Keep your replaceable blades handy and keep a sharp one in your knife. This will help you maintain a straight cut. Remember to always dispose of used blades in an appropriate container.