Worldwide Turf Inc Installs at EE Mitchelson

Worldwide Turf Inc. is continuing its installations in Ontario with the culmination of EE Mitchelson Park.

Mitchelson Park is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The field includes the following:

  • 115,000 square feet – GameChanger on aggregate base
  • Five tier bleachers for spectators and players benches
  • Fully chain link fenced field

The million-dollar transformation of Michelson Park field is a partnership between the City of Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Soccer Club and the Foundation for Catholic Education of Niagara.

The turf will be a multi-use field for sports such as lacrosse, football, soccer and rugby. These new fields will not only be used by the Catholic elementary and secondary schools, they will be open to sports groups and other organizations throughout the Niagara region.

Over the next five years, the board plans to install artificial turf fields at all eight of its high schools.

Sporturf™ GameChanger is very similar to natural grass; our advanced yarn provides resilience and strength at the same time, while maintaining a brilliant appearance. The fiber has exceptional split resistance compared to conventional turf fibers. This increases the performance in sliding, ball roll, ball bounce and durability making our product one of the best on the market today.

Lindenwood Chose Fielder’s Choice by Sporturf

A few years ago the Lindenwood University athletic department, located in St. Charles, MO, was making the final transition from NAIA to NCAA Division II, and many areas on campus were going through renovations. Part of those renovations were new baseball and softball fields outfitted with synthetic turf by Sporturf dealer Environmental Turf Services, LLC.

“Lindenwood is excited to install the new Enviroturf baseball and softball turf fields,” said John Creer, Director of Athletics. “This seems to be the direction collegiate programs are going and it is nice to be at the forefront of this move.”

“This is an exciting time for softball and baseball with the installation of the turf,” said softball head coach Don Loberg. “Not many fields have this opportunity which will allow us to practice and play games when other fields are wet and unplayable. It will save us time and money with not having to seed, fertilize, water the field, and tarping.”

The renovation of the fields was expected to help bring bigger and better athletes to the school in addition to improving the facilities.

According to Creer, “We also anticipate these new fields will assist our coaches in recruitment of top caliber student-athletes and further development of our programs.”

The product installed was Sporturf Fielder’s Choice. Fielder’s Choice is a product designed with the game of baseball in mind. This product should be installed outdoors on a compacted aggregate base. Since it is custom designed for baseball, Fielder’s Choice has the added durability designed to reduce infill splash and migration which is extremely important in gameplay.

Grants Pass Hits it Out of the Park with Synthetic Turf Consulting and Sporturf™

When it comes to baseball, Sporturf™ understands the demands athletes, owners and fans expect. Our fields provide a consistent surface that you can count on to deliver the best playability available. We have a product line that spans all levels of play from Pro to the local little league field. The quality of turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology. Features like ball bounce, speed of the ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.

Sporturf™ dealer Synthetic Turf Consulting installed this baseball infield for Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass, OR in 2017.

The high school was unable to use this field for their entire 2016 season due to weather, and this improvement has greatly increased their use of the field!  This is also the first installation of this incredible new turf of its kind in OR.

PowerHouse, the turf installed on the field, is one of our most advanced system designs that provides high resilience and increased comfort and safety. The series is made up of some of the most proven and durable fibers in the world. PowerHouse truly is a workhorse and will withstand the rigors of wear and tear for many years.


  • Dual Parallel Slit Film
  • Over 50% More Wear Layer

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