What Can You Use Synthetic Turf For? Everything!

From backyards, sports facilities, gyms, schools, businesses, and commercial properties, a growing number of people are turning to synthetic turf for sustainable and versatile solutions in various market segments. Synthetic turf can be installed just about anywhere you can imagine.

House with Landscape


Sporturf™ landscape products are multi-purpose synthetic landscape grass systems that create attractive, low maintenance, all-weather outdoor areas where students, children, pets, and companies can meet or just hang out. When you have synthetic turf installed in your lawn or residential area you are making your space more user-friendly will saving you the time and hassle of maintaining a lawn.

Pet Turf

Pets and children alike love our turf. It’s safe and durable for them both. Man’s best friend just said thank you when you decided on synthetic turf! Our artificial grass for dogs is like heaven on Earth for the pets in your life. The realistic feel and look guarantee it is the only choice in the market. Our unmatched durability is because of our advanced Silverback™ coating on the product.


Golf Turf

Extreme performance is what golfers demand, not only that they need a predictable and consistent playing surface. No one does it better than Sporturf™. Every Sporturf™ golf product has been specifically designed for golf use, it is thoroughly tested, scrutinized, and developed to perform like a natural Pro golf course putting green.

Indoor Training Turf

In the world of sports, we cannot forget about indoor. With any sport, it is of utmost importance that you have a safe and quality surface to play and train on. It is important to have a quality manufacturer, like Sporturf™, that can deliver products that will perform in this unique environment. Sporturf’s indoor lineup provides high quality, high performance with a quick install and no-mess solution for owners and athletes alike. With indoor installs, you don’t have to worry about mud, dirt, debris or infill getting in your shoes.

Playground Turf

Playgrounds are the stepping stone to team sports. It all starts when you are a child and you’re playing with your friends on the local playground. Sporturf™ playground turf is the next generation of playground surfaces! Playground turf is lush, beautiful synthetic grass that is safe to play on, soft to fall on, and cost-effective. When kids are on this turf parents can rest assured that safety, cleanliness, and durability are all covered.