West Plains High School Heals with Sporturf

On April 26 West Plains High School received severe hail damage.  On April 29 they experienced the worst flood for this area in past 500 years. According to Greg Simpkins, Athletic Director for West Plains High School, “All of our athletic fields were flood damaged.  We had to cancel all of our home games for the remainder of the spring 2017 spring sports season.”

West Plains High School, home of the Zizzers, contracted with Craig Shonk of Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals to get their field cleaned up and installed in record time.

Suffice it to say Craig Shonk had his work cut out for him and Sporturf™ had to produce a top-notch field with an incredibly tight deadline.

On June 19, Craig and his crew began work on replacing and repairing Zizzer Stadium’s track and turf field.

The turf field was ready by their first home varsity football game on Friday, 8/18/17 and track resurfacing was completed by the second home varsity football game on Friday, 9/1/17.  The Zizzers did not miss a home varsity football game thanks to Craig and Sporturf.

Hail and Flood Damage

After clean up and Sporturf Install

Craig Shonk started Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC as a way to pair together ISO 9001 synthetic turf manufacturing with an ASBA Certified Field Builder for synthetic turf fields to better serve clients throughout the Midwest.

West Plains chose Sporturf™ PowerHouse for its increased durability thanks to the 13,000 denier design.

Power House is one of our most advanced system designs that provides high resilience and increased comfort and safety. The series is made up of some of the most proven and durable fibers in the world. Power House truly is a workhorse and will withstand the rigors of wear and tear for many years.


  • Dual Parallel Slit Film
  • Over 50% More Wear Layer


  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer