Featured Install: Bridge City Baseball by EnviroTurf

When it comes to baseball, Sporturf™ understands the demands athletes, owners and fans expect. Our fields provide a consistent surface that you can count on to deliver the best experience available. We have an offering that spans all levels of play from professinoal to the local little league field. The quality turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology. Features like ball bounce, speed of the ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.

The turf for the Bridge City High School project featured Sporturf Fielder’s Choice and TrueGrass. TrueGrass was used in the Green areas of the field while the more durable and player friendly Fielder’s Choice was used in the “dirt” areas. It was important to utilize the texturized thatch in the dirt areas to minimize the infill splash for sliding players.

Fielder’s Choice provides excellent ball roll, ball bounce, wear resistance and slide comfort. This system is specifically designed for baseball. Rest assured the system will perform to the highest expectations.

True Grass is a premium athletic field product that has been tried and tested in the toughest conditions. This product also features the longest lasting fiber available, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor athletic fields.