Sportscapes Construction Installs MT50 for Waverly High

Recently Sportscapes Construction installed 100,000 square feet of Sporturf™ MT50 for Waverly High School in Ohio.  The crew removed the tired natural grass surface and replaced it with a layered stone base which included a brand new concrete curb on the inside of the track surface.  Once the stone base and curb were in place it was time for the MT50 to be installed.  MT50 is a combination of high performance monofilament face yarn and a texturized thatch that traps and minimizes infill movement. Dan Hodson of Sportscapes Construction stated, “They (Waverly) really enjoyed the look and feel of the monofilament fiber and thatch layer from the beginning.”

Waverly 3

As the base layer was being finalized, a ceremony was held to explain the project and show the students and staff items that were set to go in a time capsule that would be buried under the field. Those items included signed jerseys, shirts and a photo from the senior groups who use the field for football, soccer, cheerleading and marching band, as well as a shirt with all of the signatures from Waverly’s graduating class of 2015.

During the assembly Hodson had an opportunity to address the students saying, “Congratulations to you seniors. You all paved the way for this today. Enjoy this. I build fields all over the country,” said Hodson. “To see this community pull together and pull something like this off is a testament to everyone in this room. You may not know how difficult of a project this is. It is extremely difficult. You all are blessed.”  He went on to challenge the athletes by saying, “For every football field we have built, the offense has scored on the opening drive. No pressure. Waynesville that we built last year scored on their opening drive to make it 19 in a row,” said Hodson. “For girls’ soccer, for eight years in a row, the girls’ soccer team has won their opening game. We will be watching to make sure it is number nine. For eight years in a row, the band has won a regional competition. All this is to say, I am super excited to be a part of the project. You are going to have a ball on this field. I hope to come back here next year and celebrate a lot of victories here.”

When asked how the product looked after the project was complete Hodson said, “I have never seen a better looking field, the colors on the field just pop! It looks sharp!” We couldn’t agree more, the field is beautiful!

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