Do you Know About the Science of Baseball?

The surface that you play on is incredibly important. Almost as important as the players.


If a player cannot perform on the field to the best of their abilities or if the field is not up to par, the game will suffer. By design, a high percentage of the action that takes place during baseball and softball games is concentrated on a relatively small percentage of the playing surface: the infield. That’s why two thirds of a team’s defensive players are stationed there, not to mention two to four umpires and at least one batter. Add up to three base runners to the mix, and a ball diamond can quickly turn into a whirlwind of activity. It makes sense that with this being the case, a field takes significant maintenance, if it’s natural grass. With synthetic the maintenance and wear and tear will be easier to manage.

When a school or community goes to build a new baseball field, they rarely understand the importance of certain details such as the field components. Normally new baseball fields coincide with school levees or new community parks. Members of the community and the people voting on the school levees are going to be looking at that field as their children play on it for hours. If the field looks bad –or worse yet– isn’t playable, the public will be very disappointed with how their money is being spent. With Sporturf™ you can rest assured that your field will continue to perform and look great will doing so.

Ideally you should have a company such as Sporturf™ or one of our trusted sports turf dealers/installers that specializes in synthetic turf athletic fields, do the work on a new baseball field, or at least offer consulting on the architect’s baseball field plans.

Sporturf™ puts in the work.

Sporturf™ works directly with Sports Architects in order to ensure that our fields work for the desired install. So much so that we are focusing on the science of baseball and field play. If you have not checked out the Science of Baseball section of our website we encourage you to do so. We put in the work, the research and the turf to make the best turf baseball fields on the market.