Athletic Republic Gets Turf

Craig Shonk started Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC as a way to pair together ISO 9001 synthetic turf manufacturing with an ASBA Certified Field Builder for synthetic turf fields to better serve clients throughout the Midwest.

Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals LLC recently installed Sporturf Fast Grass at Athletic Republic Indoor in St. Louis, Missouri. In St. Louis, Athletic Republic is partnered with NutriFormance to provide the most comprehensive training program in the area.

The Fast Grass product line is a high performance, non-infilled turf that has all the advantages you’ve come to expect from synthetic turf without the mess of rubber infill. No more mess, crumb rubber or sand littering your facility or damaging your training equipment. Fast Grass is clean and low maintenance and comes in three styles to fit your needs and budgets. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor and is completely portable if you desire.

Athletic Republic IMG_4621

About Athletic Republic


That’s longer than most athletes’ careers.  John Frappier developed the original Acceleration Training programs through careful research and input from a team of sports medicine professionals, athletic trainers and elite coaches. The performance sports training program has evolved into a training system that has followed the same evidence-based approach that formed the foundation for Frappier’s pioneering work: uniting proprietary equipment, sport-specific and age-appropriate training protocols, trainer education and operating resources to help athletes improve their speed, power, agility, and stamina. This foundation would facilitate training center operators turning their passion into a profitable venture.