Why Should I Choose Synthetic Turf for my Baseball Field?


Since the 1980s, synthetic turf fields have become increasingly popular. This is for many reasons. One of the many reasons is that it is low maintenance. When it comes to cost, upfront a synthetic field is going to cost you more. In the long term, you will save money with maintenance. With a natural turf field, you have to mow it and use chemicals to keep the grass looking fresh. Natural turf fields are also required to be watered frequently and use about 62,500 gallons of water per week. However, you do not have to water synthetic turf. Having a synthetic turf field will not only save you money every year but it will also be better for the environment. Besides, having low maintenance, synthetic turf looks better longer and as long as it is cared for properly, synthetic turf also lasts much longer than natural turf.

Natural Turf vs Synthetic Turf:

When it comes to playing on a synthetic turf field versus a natural turf field, you have some improvements in the gameplay. There is a heat reduction, more control of the ball’s bounce, and speed of its roll. This all can help make gameplays smoother. Not only does it help with gameplay, but it also helps with injury. According to research by the Synthetic Turf Council, you have no greater risk of injury playing on a turf field rather than natural turf, but instead, have a slightly less chance of injury. In 2004 the NCAA ran a study to find out if the risk of injury was greater on synthetic turf, and they found out that players had a 4.4% injury rate on natural turf and a 3.5% injury rate on synthetic turf.

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