Lake Havasu Gets an Upgrade!

For the Lake Havasu Unified School District, it has been a long time since any of their facilities have received an update. As the years have passed, the faculty and students have watched their campuses deteriorate, unable to do anything about it. With the lack of funding on a state and local level, schools have had to make the best of what they had. All that changed, however, in 2016 when the bond and override initiative passed. This allowed a secondary tax levy to go into effect. That gave the district the funds they needed to start making the much-needed improvements to their campuses. One of these improvements was the baseball and softball field for Lake Havasu High School.


Artificial Turf over Natural Grass

The school chose artificial turf for their fields because of all the additional benefits that it has over natural grass. As stated by the superintendent of Concord General Contracting, Chris Lacour, “We’ve done the artificial turf from natural grass before, a lot less water, a lot less maintenance, and that’s a big improvement. The baseball field got a little bigger, which will accommodate better games.” To complete the install, Lake Havasu decided on Sporturf™ and their dealer, Sport Surfaces Distributing, Inc.. The Sporturf™’s product they chose was PowerHouse. This is an ideal product for baseball and softball fields. PowerHouse is tested and proven to offer a ball bounce similar to natural grass. The install consisted of 181,000 net square feet of turf.

Excited for Improvements

Students and coaches alike were excited about the improvements and couldn’t wait to begin using the new fields. Many of the coaches were once students at Lake Havasu High. They hadn’t seen any updates as far back as 1989, when the softball field was added. “It’s really nice to now have a field that matches our talent that we’ve had for decades,” agreed Cullen Stahl, the varsity baseball coach. The school decided to keep the name as the John M. Wade Memorial Field and had their ribbon cutting ceremony on April 6th, just in time to begin spring sports.

Along with the field, new grandstands, press boxes, dugouts, and field lighting were installed. The complex also gained a new concession stand, restrooms, batting cages, fencing, parking lot, and upgrade to the current administration facility. The Unified School District plans to continue their efforts to improve their school campuses. This is thanks to the efforts of their community. This sports complex is just the beginning of a better environment for the children that attend Lake Havasu High School.


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