Andrews Institute Installing Sporturfs PowerHouse

This week we are featuring a project that is currently under construction at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Gulf Breeze, FL.  The Andrews Institute was founded by internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews and provides a spectrum of services in order for patients at all levels of performance to quickly and accurately address their orthopaedic needs.

The pictures will give you a better grasp of what happens when you are replacing turf while trying to salvage the previously used sub-base and shock pad.  At this point all of the turf has been removed, the pad has been inspected and they’re in the process of replacing some of the original wood nailer that had rotted beyond repair.  The crew will begin rolling out brand new Sporturf PowerHouse in the coming days. As the project progresses we will post additional updates.

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PowerHouse is one of our most advanced system designs that provides high resilience and increased comfort and safety. The series is made up of some of the most proven and durable fibers in the world. PowerHouse truly is a workhorse and will withstand the rigors of wear and tear for many years.