La Grande gets new Fields!

Sporturf dealer Northwest Turf Solutions installed infields in La Grande, Oregon. They installed both a baseball and softball infield. These fields are fields that will be utilized by both La Grande High School and Eastern Oregon University. These fields have been used for many years before they were turfed, but they knew they needed to upgrade. This install replaced natural turf that was already there and is one of the first artificial infields in eastern Oregon. The use of the fields will be greatly utilized by the community for years to come.

The reason the schools reached out to Northwest Turf Solutions was because they had a previous relationship with them. Other than the relationship they had with them; they also gave them the best bid! They did not run into any difficulties or challenges with this job. Things went smooth and the customers were very happy with the ending result!

Growing Popularity

Baseball applications are starting to become a lot more popular. Our fields give you a consistent surface to play and practice on. The ball also interacts with artificial turf the same way it does natural turf. This means the ball bounce, roll, and other interactions will not change because of the turf. This is important for players so that they do not have to adjust their game based on what kind of field they are playing on. We offer many products great or baseball and softball fields. The product that they chose for this product was PowerHouse.


PowerHouse is one of our products that can be used for baseball, softball, football, soccer, or lacrosse. It also comes in many colors so that you can show your school pride on your field. This turf system is designed to be installed outdoors with a silica sand infill. Because of the way that this system was designed, your field will look new longer!

The customer was thrilled with the fields! They really loved the surface of the turf and how great it looked when it was finished. They are excited for the community to be able to use these fields for years to come!

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