Do you know about the Synthetic Turf Council?

According to the Synthetic Turf Council (STC), “Currently, there are between 12,000 and 13,000 synthetic turf sports fields in the U.S., with approximately 1,200 – 1,500 new installations each year.” Therefore, education about the benefits of synthetic turf is a crucial topic. Many people are just not aware of how much it can benefit their lives.

Synthetic turf is an excellent, durable solution for a multitude of sports, such as football, field hockey, baseball, tennis, lacrosse and rugby. In fact, about half of all NFL teams currently play or practice on synthetic turf.

Now more than ever, millions of students around the world have new opportunities to practice and play on a sports field that is always game ready. This innovation in synthetic turf has helped teams go from worst to first, intensified school pride and brought together entire communities. When students and children have a safe, stable place to play, they thrive and grow into happy, healthy adults.

For more information on synthetic turf and the Synthetic Turf Council, please visit the Synthetic Turf Council webpage via the link below.