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Science of Baseball Turf – White Paper – BOUNCE

The Science of Baseball
Synthetic turf offers many positive results to outdoor sports activities normally played on a natural surface. It maintains the same physical qualities in all seasons throughout the calendar year. Synthetic turf can withstand more frequent use and require less care and maintenance than natural grass. However, with all of the positive attributes from having a synthetic turf surface they mean very little if you have to play the ball’s reaction to the surface and not the game.
Sporturf has worked hard to develop sport specific turf system that allows you to play the game. This system provides a synthetic surface that is most representative of the playing characteristics of a natural grass field as close as possible. If the ball reacts differently after striking the synthetic field surface than it would a natural surface misplays would likely occur. Sporturf is certain that the surface should not change the game or how it’s played.
Physics of Bounce
There are many laws of physics that contribute to how a ball will react after being hit by the batter. Forces such as:
• Speed of the pitch from they pitcher as well as the speed of the bat swing.
• Angle of the bat when it strikes the ball.
• Spin of the ball from the pitcher and when it leaves the bat.
• Which hemisphere of the ball that the bat impacts

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