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Field Hockey Highlight Reels

Field Hockey Highlight Reels

Synthetic turf offers many positive things to outdoor sports activities normally played on a natural surface. One positive is that it maintains the same physical traits in all four seasons. Synthetic turf can withstand more frequent use, allows for a multi-use venue, offers faster drainage and requires less maintenance than a natural surface field. However, with all of these positive attributes you get from having a synthetic turf surface they mean very little if the players have to react the field and not the ball. Highlight Reels are a way to showcase our talented installers as well as our finished projects. Safety and performance are our top priorities with extensive research and design. We strive to make sure players play the game and not the field. Below are some field hockey projects that look professional as well as portfolio-worthy. Check out our turf fields and see what the hype is all about.

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