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Santa Fe Baseball and Softball Chooses Sporturf and EnviroTurf

Recently Santa Fe High School located in Santa Fe, TX contracted with Sporturf™ dealer EnviroTurf to install a synthetic turf field on their softball and baseball fields. Santa Fe High School cares about their students education and athletic equally. That being said, it was clear that Santa Fe High School wanted the best for their student athletes and that is why they reached out EnviroTurf and Sporturf respectively. They chose Sporturf’s TrueGrass product for these installs after determining they needed...
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Sporturf Tech Tip #4 Washing Your Turf

Please continue reaching below to learn about washing your turf. When cleaning water-borne stains from your synthetic turf be sure to use a mild soap with a PH level between 6.7 to 7.3.  A granular household detergent is a good example of that type of soap. Use a stiff fiber brush (no metal) to scrub the affected area.  Rinse thoroughly. If you’re using a pressure washer be sure that it is <2400 psi and the nozzle should always be at...
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Sporturf Facility Designer Helps You Design Your Turf!

  The Sporturf™ Facility Designer can be used to design a customized training area for your facility. First set the turf color and outer dimensions, then add hash lines, ladders, and agility dots. Upload your logo (a PNG file with transparent background works best) and drag-and-drop it into place. Your logo can be rotated and scaled to the desired size. Finally, fill out the Contact Information section and submit the design. An email with a link to the design PDF...
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Maryville University Updates Soccer and Softball Fields with Sporturf

Last year Sporturf™ worked with Midwest Synthetic Turf Professionals to install brand new soccer and softball fields for Maryville University located in St. Louis, Missouri. Maryville chose Sporturfs Fielder’s Choice and PowerHouse products for the softball field. They chose those products to fill a need for a durable field that would shine just as they intend to do. The Saint’s were ranked number 10 in in the NCAA last May. Maryville also chose to outfit their soccer field with Sporturf’s...
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Sporturf Tech Tip #3 Mold and Fungus With Turf

Fungus, Mold Spots or Moss The following instructions are provided to assist you if you ever need help with the removal of fungus, mold spots or moss from your turf. Like many other products that are outdoors and come into contact with the elements, your turf may at some point develop bacterial growth. If that does happen the following tips will help eliminate the issue. Use TurfStat™ PRO, a synthetic turf disinfectant is proven to kill germs on non-porous surfaces...
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Learn About the Synthetic Turf Council Today!

The Synthetic Turf Council is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association serving the synthetic turf industry. Vision To improve the world through synthetic turf Mission To serve as the global forum to promote, develop, grow and advocate for the synthetic turf industry. Purpose To be the voice of our industry by promoting the benefits of synthetic turf systems. STC's Four Pillars of Strategic Priority Advocacy STC serves as a trusted source and adviser to the industry through a collective and unified...
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Sporturf Tech Tip #2 Dealing With Static Electricity on Your Turf

Please continue reading below to learn about static electricity in your synthetic turf If you live in an area with low-humidity you may experience static electricity in your synthetic turf. To reduce static electricity buildup in your you will need to mix 3 tbsp. liquid fabric softener  to 32 oz. water (1 quart) in a spray bottle. Set the spray bottle nozzle to mist and simply walk over the synthetic turf while spraying the solution. There is no need to saturate the...
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Trimming Selvedge from Foam Backed Product

When trimming the selvedge on a foam backed product you will need some tools to help you complete this.  You will need a: carpet knife or slide knife. replaceable blades. T-shaped Hex key (3/32” or 6 mm) Unroll the foam backed synthetic turf face up.  Starting at the edge of the roll at the selvedge you will find the stitch rows.  From the selvedge, count in 2 stitch rows.  Starting at the edge of the roll, take your T-shaped hex...
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Need AIA Credits? Remember Sporturf!

We introduced our newest AIA course last year and thought we would bring it up again incase any of our fellow architects hadn't had time to check it out! We are continiuing to offer this course for AIA credits. Please reach out to our corporate office or your local Regional Account Manager to set up a presentation. AIA CES Course: Synthetic Turf Then & Now Course Number-ST2019. This is a 200-level course that allows Sporturf to offer highly requested Learning...
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UAB Upgrades Facility With Sporturf

Product: Fast Grass AT740 5mm Dealer/Installer: RS Sport Surfaces Location: University of Alabama-Birmingham  Birmingham, AL Date: Fall 2019 Sporturf dealer RS Sport Surfaces worked with the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) to install Sporturf’s Fast Grass AT740 in their indoor training area. The turf included custom logo work, hash marks and five different colors. UAB needed a strong and durable product that could withstand daily training sessions that included not only college athletes but also extensive equipment use. About Fast Grass...
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