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Highlight Reel: Towson University

Highlight Reel: Towson University

Towson University Chooses Combat Turf™

Sporturf™ dealer MasterCare Flooring recently install over 4,000 square feet of Sporturf’s Combat Turf™ at Towson University in Towson, Maryland.

Towson University reached out to MasterCare Flooring rep Rudy Higgins to help them with their Burdick Hall expansion. The university needed something strong and durable so they chose Combat Turf™. The 94,000 square feet Burdick expansion has taken some time to complete and after a three-year hiatus, it is finally complete.

Play the game. Not the Field.


    Burdick Hall


    Towson, MD


    Indoor Training




    94,000 sq.ft.


    22,000 sq.ft.

Product Used

Fast Grass AT740

SPORTURF™ Combat Turf™

Our non-rubber infilled turf has all of the advantage of previous generations and then some. The benefits of SporturfTM Combat Turf TM include high resistance to wear and the fact that messy infill is not required. The almost perfect 50/50 blend of nylon and polyethylene provides a true ball roll generally only found in high pile rubber infilled turf. Also, no rubber means less maintenance. Keep in mind, all Fast Grass systems can be outfitted with Velcro seams for ease

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